Our Hacking Games Communities

Virtue is our professional network. We have some of the world's most transformative CISOs, cyber experts, and entrepreneurs who want to help inspire the next generation to be ethical hackers.

C.Y.B.E.R. is our Youth Council. Our founding members are the brightest minds in hacking, and are harnessing their curiosity in an ethical way, inspiring others like them to become a force for good.

Virtue is a community of cybersecurity specialists and ethical hackers committed to creating a generation of ethical hackers to make the world safer.

Virtue features 100+ members, featuring Ethical Hackers, entrepreneurs, CISOs, Researchers, Journalists, academics and Law Enforcement with deep insight and access to the cyber industry.  Certain Virtue members will make themselves available for media or speaking engagements.

If you would like to join Virtue please contact us below

Our Virtue Members


Chris Wysopal

The original ethical hacker, Chris is an entrepreneur, computer security expert and co-founder and CTO of Veracode. He was a member of the high-profile hacker think tank the L0pht where he was a vulnerability researcher.


Marcus Hutchins

Dubbed ‘The Hacker who Saved the Internet’, Marcus is best known for discovering the kill-switch for the WannaCry virus. He currently works for Kryptos Logic.


Shawnee Delaney

A decorated Clandestine Services Officer and founder and CEO of Vaillance Group. She spent nearly a decade with the DIA conducting human intelligence operations all over the world. She served 4 combat zone tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Dan K

Daniel Kelley

Daniel is a reformed black hat hacker who has contributed to 100+ bug bounty programs, and ghostwrites for cybersecurity teams.

Hazel M

Hazel McPherson

CISO at ALD Automotive UK, leading the information security strategy and governance for the largest vehicle leasing and fleet management company in Europe. 

A certified C|CISO, CISSP, ITIL Expert, and Chartered IT Professional (CITP), with a Master of Science in Cyber Security and an Executive MBA. Passionate about advancing the field of information security and empowering women in the industry.

Will McK

Will McKeen

Will McKeen is a Supervisory Special Agent with the FBI’s Cyber Division where he provides national support to investigations into a wide range of cybercrime investigations.

Zara P

Zara Perumal

CTO and Co-Founder at Overwatch Data. Uses ML to understand, contextualize and recommend events across OSINT data feeds to to enable them to take action.

Previously worked at Google’s Threat Analysis Group and did research at MIT LIDS / CSAIL.

J Zino

J Zino Haro

Zino Haro is an American tech entrepreneur, fashion designer, and cybersecurity researcher.

She has spoken at Reuters, Google, and Defcon. Zino has addressed fashion-focused audiences of 35 Million people on live interviews and was named a 30 Under 30 Hispanic Executive for work on Uni-ke.

Sam h

Samantha Humphries

Head of International Security Strategy at Exabeam. She has been entrenched in the industry for 25 years and has helped hundreds of organisations recover and learn from cyberattacks.

Paul C

Paul Caiazzo

26-year track record delivering results across security, corporate leadership, marketing, and business development. Won ‘CISO of the Year’ in 2021 and has built partnerships with some of the world’s biggest companies.

Calvin Gan

Calvin Gan

F-Secure Senior Manager. Mentoring and managing operations for a team of technical researchers while being a public spokesperson in the domain of cyber threats. 

Strategic planner and leader for a team of technical analysts and researchers focusing on cyber security domains


Tim Orchard

One of the UK’s first penetration testers, he has since cultivated cybersecurity teams and businesses for prominent companies such as BT, BAE Systems, and Siemens. He co-founded CREST and served as the CTO of WithSecure.

Paul B

Paul Bruciani

Paul is the Managing Director of Cresco Cyber Consulting. 

He has 20 years of marketing, sales, product development, consulting and customer relationship management experience to global organisations in the Legal, Financial Services, Telecoms and Energy sectors.

Mike S

Mike Somers

Director of Sandinista Consulting. 15 years experience, having provided vCISO placement to Critical National Infrastructure businesses – both UK and Ireland


Stéphane Duguin​

CEO of Cyber Peace Institute. Humanitarian, Entrepreneur, investigator, he spent 2 decades tracking how criminal groups and terrorists weaponise disruptive technologies. At Europol, he led major international counter cybercrirme, terrorism, and threat operations.

David C

David Cahill

Having 20 years Information Security experience within the Irish financial services space, David Cahill is now Enterprise Security Architecture Manager for An Post.

In recent months David has been heavily involved in the security architecture & security policy requirements for a number enterprise projects across the An Post.

Hugo VDT

Hugo van den Toorn

Hugo is the Chief Information Security Officer at HEMA and as such responsible for Information Security of the global organisation.

With a strong technical foundation, he combines his passion for security, teaching and hacking with a drive to continuously improve and optimize processes and technology and inspiring and coaching others from the security community to the board.

Rosie A

Rosie Anderson

Head of Strategic Solutions for th4ts3cur1ty.company. She is a founding member of BSides Lancashire and is the Head of Inudstry Mentoring with CAPSLOCK

Sean A

Sean Oliver Atkinson

Sean has 15+ years of experience in IT Cyber Security. He has worked from the bottom up for BT and, more recently, helped to rebuild more boutique cyber security companies such as Secarma Group and The SecOps Group.

Sean has been the commercial lead on some of the largest Technology projects in the UK with NCSC, GCHQ and multiple CNI clients.


Mia Temple

CEO of Humm Creative. Uniquely attuned to a diverse range of guests, from defense to corporate. 

HUMM Creative’s mission: To foster an inclusive event + design culture, creating bespoke experiences that enrich communities and establish lasting connections.

C.Y.B.E.R. (Council of Young Bright Energetic Resources) is our Youth Council. Our founding members are the brightest minds in hacking and are ethically harnessing their curiosity, inspiring others like them to become a force for good.

They’ve united with The Hacking Game for a specific mission – they want to help inspire their peers get interested in cyber.


Our Founding C.Y.B.E.R. Members

bia s

Bia Sci Lab

Bia is a Founder, CEO, and Keynote speaker. She started ‘Girls Who Hack’ to teach the skill of hacking to other girls so that they can change the future. 

She is an incredible role model for the young hacking community. She’s particularly interested in election security and teaching STEAM. She says that she finds hacking exciting, fun, and challenging and decided to share her knowledge with others.

Marco L

Marco Liberale

Marco is a 13-year-old who has developed a major interest in ethical hacking.  He was the youngest-ever speaker in the history of the Black Hat Conference in 2022.

He enjoys sharing his knowledge about ransomware and cybersecurity on his blog.

He says that while his age might be viewed as a limitation in some fields, in ethical hacking, it has not been a barrier. Instead, it provides a different perspective on tackling cybersecurity challenges. It’s a complex field that requires continuous learning due to the ever-evolving nature of technology and cybersecurity threats.