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We’re creating a generation of ethical hackers to make the world safer

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“Hacking leads to the loss of trillions of dollars for companies and governments, and some of the most prolific hackers are youngsters.”

Cybercrime is a social pandemic

By 2027, the global cost of cybercrime will be

$ 0 trillion

That’s the equivalent of the GDP of the United States in 2021, and 2x the cost of Covid

It's a generational crisis

0 %

of US kids had tried hacking by age 16

The labour deficit makes the world less safe

0 Million

The Hacking Games' Mission:

Creating a generation of ethical hackers to make the world safer

What needs to change?

The perception of hacking needs to be reframed from criminal to creative and constructive

Hacking has an identity crisis

 Hacking is framed as subversive, destructive, insidious, criminal and evil

Originally Hacking was a creative mindset that deconstructed existent structures, identified weaknesses and improved them.  The iconic tech leaders of today all applied this mindset within an ethical framework.

We need to inspire the next generation to aspire to be Ethical Hackers like Mira Murati, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Tim Berners-Lee, and Megan Smith. They can use their creativity and access to technology to make the world safer and more creative

The Hacking Games will create a generation of ethical hackers to address this problem

01/Media & Entertainment

Inspiring the next generation to be ethical hackers through our media properties


Creating a community of the best minds in cybersecurity

03/Career Development

Offering career pathways into the cybersecurity industry

We're looking for Corporate Strategic Partners to join the Hacking Games Mission

Corporate Strategic partners support

To address this enormous challenge we need support. We are onboarding Strategic Corporate Partners who share our vision of creating a new generation workforce of ethical hackers to make the world a safer place.  

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Media Enquiries

We have a wealth of research and a network of ethical hackers who are committed to raising awareness of the issue and The Hacking Games mission. 

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Read the feature that the Sunday Times wrote on The Hacking Games